University of Teramo

Viale Crucioli, 122 - 64100 Teramo Italy
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Fabio Stagnari
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Tel. + 39 328 25 11 241

Brief description
The University of Teramo offers 5 faculties, 24 degree courses, 35 Masters, 6 postgraduate schools and 10 departments. A scientific pole is currently underway and will house the faculties of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture it consists of a very up-to-date facility of 100,000 sq m which will also accommodate a Veterinary Hospitaland a Sanitary Dog Kennel. The Campus and Pole are two realities symbolizing the core areas of the University: the legal, political and communicative areas together with the agro-bio-veterinary area which represent two centers of excellence of the University of Teramo.

The Faculty of Agriculture aims at training students for the specialization of the production and distribution of food from animal and vegetable origin. They will become professionals who meet the demands of the international market that has made necessary a qualitative leap in the food industry. Included is also the degree course in Viticulture and Oenology that provides a certification as oenologist.
The Agronomy and Crop Sciences Research and Education Center, within the cultural and scientific objectives of the Department of Food Science, is devoted to the study of crop production and soil conservation. In addition the unit of research is involved in modern application of agronomy practices to prepare students for their tasks in crop production and protection, rural development project (in cooperation with FAO). From the point of view of research in agronomy, much attention has been given to the development of better concepts for interdisciplinary research in cereal production, in crop physiology and ecology and in orchard and vineyard management.
Agronomists are concerned with the principles and practices of field crop production and the conservation of soils and land resources. Areas of emphasis include crop production and protection, nutrient and weed management, soil conservation and fertility for annual and perennial crops. 

Brief description of the territory
Abruzzo is a unique region for its geographical characteristics: it looks out over the Adriatic Coast and at the same time, at only 60km from its beaches, the highest peaks of the Apennine Mountains (Gran Sasso d'Italia and Maiella Mountains) can admired It is also known as "the green heart" of Europe for the extensive presence of parks, reserves and protected areas. The region hosts three National Parks, a Regional Park and thirty-eight regional and state oases and reserves. Protected areas encompass a total of 30% of the entire regional territory. Abruzzo is made up of four provinces - Chieti, Pescara, Teramo and L'Aquila - the latter being also the region's capital.
Located in the northern part of Abruzzo, Teramo lies in an area of green hills just under the Gran Sasso Mountain called the Tordino Valley - a stretch of land rich with vineyards and olive orchards, that extends up to the Adriatic Coast. The historical part of the town is surrounded by two bodies of water - the Tordino and Vezzola Rivers.

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