Olive Oil Mobile

Auleda has purchase a mobile cold pressing olive oil machine.

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Main characteristics
The mobile cold pressing olive oil machine is a miniaturization technology for the olive oil production (with a capacity of 80 kg olives per hour).
This machine work completely cold pressing and give a very high quality of extra-virgin oil and a good yield.
The mobile Frantoi Machine has the folloëing new features:
- Cold pressing; extract the oil at a temperature lower than 27 degrees
- Elimination of the final separator. The oil exit already cleaned without the need for this expensive machine
- Removal of vegetation waters. The technology of two-phase extraction obtains oil and olive pomade. So it has been eliminated the problem of the wastewaters disposal
- Disposal of residues: the residue obtained can be used as fertilizer or for extracting, with a special machine, the cores of olives for heating stoves
- Great quality of extra virgin olive oil:  a superior quality of the olive oil full of antioxidants.



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