Network of SMEs, cooperatives and associations in the sector of medicinal and aromatic plants in BiH

Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers Zepce within the project "AgroMAP networks - raising the competitiveness ofthe sub-sector of medicinal andaromatic plants" has formed a network of actors of medicinal and aromatic plants in BiH. The projectis funded by the European Union, VI call-EU Support to Economic Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina), LOT 1- Development of small and medium enterprises.

AgroMAP NETWORK is a network that brings together actors from the sub-sector of medicinal and aromatic plants, all with the aim to facilitate market access, easier to share information and experiences, and joint problem solving are following this sub-sector. Headquarters AgroMAP Network's headquarters UPIP's Žepče - Agroinkubator. AgroMAP Network managed by the operating team (TOT). Technical and operational team (TOT) is responsible for coordinating the work AgroMAP Network. Technical operators of networks are UPIP Zepce and link Mostar. Members AgroMAP Network are 21 associations in BiH together collectors and growers of medicinal and aromatic plants, cooperative gathering and processing of medicinal herbs and processors of medicinal and aromatic plants. Members of the network are intended to provide support to the joint actions of collectors, processors and producers in the sector of medicinal and aromatic plants from BiH. 

The common objectives of the network: 

  • generating economic growth and employment in the MAP sector
  • raising the competitiveness of the MAP sector
  • economic empowerment of the sector that will be achieved through the sustainability and improvement activities which started in the MAP sector, creating value-added products based on knowledge and application of new technologies, marketing approach to the market, the introduction of standards and certification,
  • strengthen the capacity of existing processors, manufacturers and collectors,
  • increase the yield of the raw material, the amount of products with added value
  • increasing the export potential, retain existing jobs and provide new employment in this sector.

In 2012 the members of the AgroMAP network are process about 650 tons of medicinal and aromatic plants, of which are processed in essential oils about 250 tons and 400 tons of medicinal herbs are dried. 

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