Ioannina - Epirus, «Agro-food products and ways to innovate for the SMEs» event

On the 2nd of March,«Agro-food products and ways to innovate for the SMEs» event was organized in Ioannina, Epirus, by the Region of Epirus, aiming at raising awareness in the critical role and challenges of “soft” innovation toward strengthening the innovation capacity of SMEs in the Agrofood sector. The event was a complete success thanks to the overwhelming participation of the people, over 100 participants, and the range topics that were presented.


During the seminar, the speakers presented the following issues:

  • “Presentation of HIDDEN project”, Mrs. Eleni Kalaboka, Region of Epirus & Mr. Ioannis Geragotellis, KINNO Consultants Ltd
  • “Presentation on Innovation and SMEs”, Dr. Konstantinos Fouskas, Department of Technology Management, University of Macedonia, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Presentation of 3 successful companies active in Agrofood sector - GRAMMOS S.A., FITOTECHNIKI XILOGIANNI and IONIKI.
  • “From innovation to the uniqueness of livestock production in Epirus”, Dr. Ioannis Skoufos, Department of Animal Production, TEI of Epirus.
  • “According to which criteria are European consumers choosing new and different food and drinks: some smart moves of our competitors”, Dr. Filippos Papadopoulos, College of American Farm School
  • “Innovative methods in the design and packaging of Organic Products”, Mr. Dimitris Sotiropoulos, DS Consulting, Quality Services for Organic food
  • “Organic products and protected indications of the European Union. Case Study: Organic olive oil”, Mr. Dimitris Sotiropoulos, DS Consulting, Quality Services for Organic food
  • “Product Carbon Footprint: A new tool for marketing & cost control in the supply chain”, Mr. Dimitris Sotiropoulos, DS Consulting, Quality Services for Organic food

In the framework of the event, Dr. Konstantinos Fouskas presented the self-assessment questionnaire of HIDDEN project that constitutes the first stage for the evaluation of SMEs regarding their innovative and competitive position in the market. You can find the self assessment questionnaire here.

The event was organized under the framework of the EU funded project “HIDDEN”-Hidden Innovation Initiatives for SMEs, where BIC of Epirus is project partner.

For more information regarding HIDDEN project and SMEs Soft Innovation support, click here.

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