Vlora: Department of Agriculture, cooperative agreements with the Agribusiness Chamber of Puglia Region (Italy)

Vlore, January 3rd / ATA H.Koçi /.

Agriculture Directorate of Vlora District is soon expected to sign an agreement with the Chamber of Commerce and Agribusiness of Puglia Region (Italy), in the field of care and olive processing.

Director of Agriculture Directorate, Beqir Kashuri, said for ATA that this collaboration, which began several weeks ago through the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Water Management, is expected to be formalized very soon, with the signing of an agreement that provides relevant details.

“Cooperation is projected to be of mutual interest, due to several important factors that determine it, in olive grove”. According to him, Puglia is a region that cultivates olive and typical structures there have a particular attention toward Vlora, where climatic conditions for olive are unique and special in the whole Mediterranean, due to geographic positions and clayey lands.

Here he distinguishes native olive variety "kalinjot", which has high values, special and unique product in the production of oil "extra virgin ", which is successfully exported to foreign markets, as in Switzerland, in France in the U.S., etc. . . He explains that, during these weeks were made concrete information exchanges in this field, while it is estimated that, in Vlora, operates the Centre of Technologies Transfer where olive occupies an important place in the activity of its specialists.

Kashuri reaffirms that attention will be paid to indigenous olive variety "kalinjot" , which in recent years has been neglected, being replaced with other imported variety, which are not tradition for the geographical and climatic conditions of Albania and especially the region of Vlora District.

"Here I think that is one area where we will show attention, because it is waived from studied cultivars and proven olive, as on the coast, in Kanina, the crown of Vlora, etc. , that are centuries old, have large oil production etc. , while the opposite should have happened" he said.

Cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Agribusiness of Puglia is seen as a very good opportunity to resize the care for native olive variety, the "kalinjot" and to receive grants in this regard.

In Vlora district are numbering about 1.35 million olive trees, representing more than 30 percent of them nationwide, achieving the same percentage in the grain production.

Today in this district are produced on average each year 11,700 tons olives and 1460 tons olive oil.

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