Apulia Quality Products

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Name and address of organization: Apulia Region

Country and region: Italy, Apulia Region  
Contact person: Fabrizio De Castro - Vincenzo Lo Russo
Tel. / Mobile: ++39 080 4606274
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.agricolturaequalita.it

“Apulia Quality Products” is a collective European Union quality brand with origin indication. The brand guarantees the quality and origin of a product. Apulia Region, based on the Reg. (CE) n. 207/09 registered on the 11/06/2012 at the office for the harmonization of internal markets - UAMI the request of registration of the brand “Apulia Quality Products”. Only by following the online procedure it is possible to acquire the “Apulia Quality Products” brand. 

Objective of the best practice

Apulia region with the brand “Apulia Quality Products” aims at:

  • Promoting agrofood products with a high qualitative controlled standard
  • Bringing to the attention of consumers through informative and promotional actions, the qualitative characteristics of products and services which the brands obtained as participants in the agrofood quality system recognized by the Apulia Region based on Reg. CE. n 1698 of the Council September 20th 2005;
  • Promoting and supporting marketing and sale of these products. The brand is in line with the regulations relative to the European Union orientation for State help in the agricultural and forest 2007 -2013 sectors (2006/C 319/01) and European orientation on behalf of product advertisement as foreseen by Annex I of the Treaty of the European Union Operation and also of specific products not included in the above-mentioned Annex.

As a main message the quality brand delivers the indication of the quality of a product and, as a secondary one, the indication of its origin. The quality brand ensures complete traceability of products.

Who is going to use the best practice

  1. Farm businesses by themselves and/or as part of a group that produces and/or processes, sells products registered in the first section of the brand register as foreseen by art.8;
  2. Farm cooperative companies that process/sell agrofood products; organizations of producers; consortia that subscribe to an agreement with suppliers for products registered in the first section of the brand as foreseen by art.8
  3. Businesses that process agrofood products that subscribe to a production chain agreement with farm businesses as specified in point a) for products registered in the first section of the brand as foreseen by art.8 or in alternative that subscribe to a supply agreement with farm businesses that produce and/or process products already provided with the brand
  4. Businesses that subscribe to a production chain agreement with businesses mentioned in point a) and b) for products listed in the first section of the brand registry as foreseen by art. 8 or in alternative that subscribe a supply agreement with farm and/or processing businesses already provided with the brand
  5. Farmhouses and restaurants that distribute products registered in the first section of the Brand register as foreseen by art. 8

For final consumers the quality brand ensures a complete traceability of the purchased products. For businesses that acquire the quality brands the added value is the qualification of their products in the market.  

Expected results and indicators to measure success
Enhancement of Apulian agrofood products in national and international markets. As indicators the increased business flow of the enterprises that acquire the brand. 

Possibility of transferring the best practice
Other European organizations can register a quality brand to protect and promote agrofood products.

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