Auleda at the Macfruit Event

Albanian partners “AULEDA” Local Economic Development Agency and Albanian Development Fund (ADF) attended the MACFRUT event, from 24 to 26 September 2014, in Cesena, Italy.  

The fair was a joint exhibition place for big distributors of European markets, research and development institutes, suppliers and manufacturers of various types of machineries, forums and workshops in various topics.

During the visit at the fair Albanian partners were introduced to the fair panels focusing especially on sections of machinery and equipment in miniature to know the latest news and the innovation at the agro-food sector.

It was very interesting the introduction with selection, planting and processing machineries. Given the low level of developments of fruit & vegetable sector in Albania, we realized some meetings with suppliers of such machineries to know better the costs, capacities and their technical specifications.

The didactic angle where kindergarten children were acquainted with basic knowledge on fruits and vegetables had a great interest among visitors. Main objective of this angle was education through entertainment.  Another interesting and attractive event was the competition conducted among young people for cooking vegetables.

There was a dedicated angle for IPATECH project in the panel of CRA-ORA.

Banners, posters, objectives, partners, results obtained had a special place in the stand managing by the lead partner of the project, "CRA - ORA" Consiglio per  la Ricerca e Sperimentazione in Agricoltura .

The Open Conference organized on the 25th of September, from 14.00 to 18.00, in the “Yellow Room” at the premises of the Exhibition Centre was very attractive considering interest of various participants.

During the open conference was showed interest for Albanian side to know the developments in the field of agro-industry and the opportunity for future projects in order to encourage further development of this sector.

We as project partners consider this participation in the MACFRUT event as very interesting experience – as a useful source of information to be updated with the developments, technologies, opportunities of the agro food sector.

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