Links to organizations that support entrepreneurship in the involved countries

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Name of the organization


Agri-Business Council (KASH)

Agri-Business Management Center (ABMC)


Chamber of Commerce and Industry TIRANA   

Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Consumer protection  

“IPARD-like” Grant Scheme is co-funded by the EU (75%) and the Government of Albania (25%)

General Directory of tax

Ministry of labour, social affairs & equal opportunities

National Registration Center

The Insurance Institute and Healthcare

Chamber of Commers and Industry of Vlora Region

Chamber of Commers and Industry of Vlora Region

Regional Department of Agriculture, Food and Consumer protection, Vlore

Center of Agriculture and technology transfer Vlore

Agency for Agriculture and Rural Developments

Chamber of Commerce and industry Tirana

Bosnia Herzegovina

Name of the organization


Association for entrepreneurship and business LiNK

Agency for economy development PREDA-PD

Centre for promotion of local development – PLOD

Independent office for development - NBR

Zenica economic development agency - ZEDA

Regional development agency - REZ

Business service centre  - BSC

Development agency Žepče - RAŽ

Federal ministry of development, entrepreneurship and craft

Chamber of economy of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina


Name of the organization


Central Agricultural Cooperative Ioannina- Farmers Union

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Directorate of Rural Economy and Regional Veterinary of Unity Ioannina 

Chamber of Ioannina


Agricultural Handicraft Co-op of the women of Peta

Women’s Agricultural Co-op of Thesprotiko ("I mikri Lakka Souli")

Agricultural Cooperative Union of Arta - Fillippiada

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Department of Business Administration of Food and Agricultural Products, University of ioannina


Name of the organization


Unioncamere Puglia

Brindisi chamber of commerce

DARe S.c.a r.l. Regional Agribusiness District

GAL "Capo S. Maria di Leuca" s.r.l

GAL "Luoghi del Mito" s.c.a.r.l.

GAL "Alto Salento" s.r.l. (BR)

LAG "Meridaunia" s.c.a r.l

LAG Gargano s.c.a.r.l.

LAG Daunofantino s.r.l. 

LAG "Terra d'Arneo" S.R.L

LAG  "Terre del Primitivo" s.c.a.r.l



Confederazione Italiana Agricoltori


Department of agricolture Marche Region

Melarosa dei Monti Sibillini Association of producers

Nuova agricoltura

Ascoli Piceno chamber of commerce

Institute for foreign Trade

Italian Association for Organic Farming

Unioncamere Abruzzo

Teramo chamber of commerce

Confapi Abruzzo

Confagricoltura Abruzzo

Coldiretti Abruzzo

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