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Region Opportunity Deadline Info

The whole country

IPARD funds, co-financed by the European Union and the Albanian government.

May 2nd 2014


The whole country “Access to Finance in the service of Albanian Agriculture and Agribusiness SME-s/DCA. Starting date 01/2012

Deadline 20/2014



The whole country Government subsidy system - through direct payments for the crop production and food processing sector's SMEs. Starting date 01/2013

Deadline 31/2013

Repeatable every year

The whole country IPARD Like Program - Instruments of Pre-accession in Agriculture and Rural Development of EU (which aims at  improving the current standards in food production/processing sector). Starting date 15/4/2013

Deadline 30/4/2014

The whole country “ARTI - Agency for Research and Technological Innovation" - A program to support the fundamental and applied research and Innovations' Technology in the service of Albanian SMEs, by the Universities and Research Institutes in Albania.

Starting date 1/2/2010

Deadline 3/12/2013

Vlora Innovation Network in research and Consulting in Agrofood and Agroindustry provides technical counseling for farmers in many field such as viticulture, olive tree and horticulture. All year around



Vlora Consulting in Agrofood and Agroindustry provided by Regional Department of Agriculture, Food and Consumer protection.  All year around mbumk.gov.al
Italy and Albania whole countries a. To contribute to the development of quality, innovative and inclusive education:  
b. To promote Vocational Education and Training (VET) ;
c. To support the public primary health care system
d. To support programmes of emergency and first aid health care;
e. To sustain provision and delivery of social care services to persons in need;
f. To sustain social inclusion of those at risk of poverty and exclusion;
g. To support youth policy by promoting social inclusion of young people and their
active participation in the social development of the country;
h. To support sustainable employment programmes for young people and vulnerable
i. To support sustainable territorial development and social cohesion to protect the nvironment, safeguard natural and cultural heritage
March 30th http://www.iadsa.info



Bosnia Herzegovina

Region Opportunity Deadline Info
The whole Canton Open call published by the Ministry of Economy of Zenica-Doboj Canton (subsidizing interest on investment loans, subsidizing innovators and more) December  2013 www.zdk.ba
The whole country Public invitation to finance advisory services to businesses in the voucher scheme, training and consulting in the project CREDO Herzegovina funded by the Swedish Agency for International Development and Cooperation - SIDA 30/09/2013 redah.ba
The whole country

The Growth-Oriented Local Development (GOLD) project is jointly-financed by U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). To assist local communities in achieving their economic growth and development goals, the GOLD project will:

  • Promote integrated and inclusive local economic development (LED) planning and implementation in collaboration with targeted municipalities in sectors with the highest potential for rapid, sustainable job growth;
  • Unlock the economic potential of municipal assets and promote new investments that support targeted sectors through public-private partnerships;
  • Engage stakeholders to improve public service delivery and the business enabling environment;
  • Promote new direct investment and support competitive supply chains to create new jobs.
  • To create jobs for youth, the project supports entrepreneurship and works with the private and public sectors to implement vocational education programs to train youth in skills suitable to the local economy.
Project will be implemented in the period 2014-2018


The whole country

Support SMEs to introduce Quality Management Systems IN Bosnia and Herzegovina - EU-QMS BiH
The Project “Support to Introduction of Quality Management Systems in BiH”, aimed at certifying one hundred small and medium enterprises from BiH in accordance ISO 9001 standard. Planned results: 100 pilot SMEs have obtained ISO 9001 certification, State of play defined reflecting the position of BiH SME sector towards introduction of quality standards; Development of a network of qualified and certified auditors in compliance with international quality standards; Pilot SMEs completed implementation of individual QMS and achieved ISO 9001 certification; Organisational capacity established for achieving international recognition for control and regulation of ISO 9001 and support systems within BiH; Register of accredited QMS consultants and auditors established with integrated quality management system. The register is supported by the main players in this area and the National (state level) Quality Infrastructure (NQI) bodies; Enhanced awareness achieved among BiH exporting companies on quality standards and support schemes.

Project will be implemented in the period 2012-2015


The whole country

The overall objective of the project entitled "EU Support to Establishment and Strengthening of Business Infrastructure to Improve SME Competiveness" is to generate economic growth and employment by strengthening the competitiveness of the SME sector in BiH and supporting the development of Business zones

Project will be implemented in the period 2012-2015



Region Opportunity Deadline Info
The whole country

Ministry of Agriculture and the Paying Agency in Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development has launched a public call for proposals of programs that would enhance and strengthen the promotion and dissemination of agricultural products, and improve informing on those products throughout the European Union, but also in the so-called third countries. It is a series of programs for the promotion of products such as olive oil, milk, honey, fresh fruits and vegetables, wine and other products, by which all interested users will become better acquainted with certain products, and this would facilitate and expedite their distribution and sale.

30 September 2014 http://www.apprrr.hr
The whole country The bank Zagrebačka banka provides credit support: free incentives and free technical support for energy efficiency projects. Grants are provided to entrepreneurs and farmers who achieve energy savings of up to 20 percent, and in civil engineering structures of up to 30 percent. The entrepreneurs can use the "green credits" for investments in equipment, systems and processes to improve energy efficiency and small renewable energy projects. In course during 2014 www.zaba.hr
The whole country The Paying Agency for Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development of the Republic of Croatia announced a national programme of support to wine sector in the period from 2014 to 2018. It predicts using of the so-called „wine envelope" that will serve to the winemakers and winegrowers to finance their activities. Amounts of aid vary from a minimum of  € 3,000 to a maximum grant of € 1.5 million per project. Calls for proposals will be published during the year 2014
The whole country Call for proposals "Proof of Concept - PoC Private". The program supports the entrepreneurs pre-commercial activities in the early developmental phase of new products, services and technological processes Fifth call will be published shortly bicro.hr
The whole country The bank "Zagrebačka banka" launched the call for proposals "Moja prilika" for giving financial support to innovative projects in entrepreneurship 15/9/2013 zaba.hr
The whole country The Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts of the Republic of Croatia launched the call for proposals "CIP Eko-inovacije".  5/9/2013 minpo.hr
The whole country

Ministry of Agriculture and the Paying Agency in Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development have announced the calling of tenders for the IPARD measures 101 and 103. All projects contracted in this contest, will be financed from the funds of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

4/18 April
24 March/7 April


The whole country

Tender for investments in aquaculture
The The Paying Agency for Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development launched a tender in the „Official Gazette“ („Narodne novine“) no. 100/14 „Productive investments in aquaculture“. With a fund of five million euros from the European Fisheries Fund, investments in commercial production of aquatic organisms intented for human consumption will be supported, in order to increase production and strengthen the competitiveness and sustainability of aquaculture. The maximum amount of aid per beneficiary is EUR 1,000,000. Public support is 60% of the total eligible costs.

3 November 2014


The whole country

Implementation of the existing state aid to fisheries
On the website of the Ministry of Agriculture - Fisheries Directorate's a notice was announced to users of the adopted rules governing the allocation of state aid to fisheries through three models – co-financing of the blue fuel, market compensation and stimulating of production.
These models will be implemented in accordance with the Agreement on Croatian accession to the European Union ("Official Gazette" Treaties, no. 2/2012 and 9/2013), up to 30 June 2016. Eligible costs will be those realized after 01/01/2014 and all invoices / declarations must be from that date, to be considered for approval of aid. The above models will be implemented in quarterly periods.

30 June 2016


The whole country

Special tender for rural development. 

The Ministry of Agriculture will give support to investments in processing, marketing and development of agricultural products, by which their value would increase. This is an open call for proposals for obtaining grants from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, as part of executing special measures "Investments in physical assets," and in order to increase the added value of agricultural products which farmers and owners of family agricultural farms can offer. Special attention is paid to the possibilities of using renewable energy to encourage rural development and strengthen the capacity of farmers to develop new products, prepare and supply the market with more and better products, include innovations and research in processing and marketing.

2015 (still to be defined)



The whole country

Grants from the European Union funds for SMEs and farmers
The Ministry of Agriculture and the Paying Agency for Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development of the Republic of Croatia announced grants for small and medium enterprises, farmers and crafts, as well as for large enterprises, renewable energy sources and youth. The projects of investments into family farms, restructuring, modernization, increase of their competitiveness, then investment in reducing environmental impact and use of renewable energy sources etc, will be funded from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. Grants will range from five thousand up to five million euros.
2015 (still to be defined)


The whole country

Call for proposals for investments in restructuring, modernization and increased competitiveness of agricultural holdings for the period until the end of 2020 – sub-measure 4.1 from the Rural Development Programme of the Republic of Croatia, encouraging new investment cycle in agriculture and business of agricultural family farms and crafts. The basic prerequisite for registration and obtaining support from the said sub-measure is entry in the Register of owners of farms, but also the fact that the farm has a so-called "economic size" of own production of at least six thousand euros, if it is engaged in the production of fruit and vegetables, respectively eight thousand euros if engaged in some other activity such as processing of agricultural products. 10 April 2015


European Union

Region Opportunity Deadline Info
All 28 countries FP7-KBBE-2013-FEEDTRIALS  - COOPERATION 01/10/ 2013 at 17:00  (Brussels local time)  ec.europa.eu
All 28 countries COST actions 27/09/2013 (preliminary submission) cost.eu
All 28 countries CIP-EIP-ECO-INNOVATION-2013  Calls to support Eco-innovative projects in different sectors which aim at the prevention or reduction of environmental impacts or which contribute to the optimal use of resources 5/9/2013 ec.europa.eu
All 28 countries.
Also entities from non-EU countries can participate
research and innovation To be checked on the website http://ec.europa.eu/research/participants/portal/desktop/en/opportunities/cosme/index.html

Austria  Whole country

Croatia  Whole country

Czech  Whole country

Republic Germany  Baden Württemberg, Bayern, Berlin, Brandenburg, Meck-lenburg-Vorpommern, Sachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Thüringen

Hungary  Whole country

Italy  Emilia-Romagna,  friuli Venezia Giulia, Liguria, Lombardia, Piemonte, Provincia Autonoma Bolzano, Provincia Autono-ma Trento, Valle d’Aosta, and Veneto

Poland  Whole country

Slovak  Whole country

Republic Slovenia  Whole country

Priority 1
Cooperating on innovation to make CENTRAL EUROPE more competitive
Priority 2
Cooperating on low carbon strategies in CENTRAL EUROPE
Priority 3
Cooperating on natural and cultural resources for sustainable growth in CENTRAL EUROPE
Priority 4
Cooperating on transport to better connect CENTRAL EUROPE
First call.
The deadline for applying to step 1 of the first call is 13 April 2015.



Region Opportunity Deadline Info
Call to promote SMEs through qualified services 1/8/2013  www.regione.abruzzo.it

PSR 2007-2013 - Measure 1.1.1 Actions for professional training. Sub measure b) Informative activities in the agriculture and forest sectors 30/9/2013 psr2.agri.marche.it
PSR 2007-2013 - Measure 1.2.5 Infrastructures connected to the development of agriculture and forestry 30/9/2013 psr2.agri.marche.it
Puglia Call to provide counseling services for innovation technologies on behalf of  SMEs    5/10/2013 www.agevolazioni.puglia.it
Abruzzo    Incentives to promote the export for enterprises from Abruzzo 15/11/2013



26 partners from 21 European countries

CORE Organic is the acronym for "Coordination of European Transnational Research in Organic Food and Farming Systems". As an ERA -NET action, it intends to increase cooperation between national research activities. CORE Organic Plus is the continuation of the ERA - Nets CORE Organic I and II. Compared to the previous CORE Organic ERA - Nets the Plus ERA - Net will benefit from an additional top - up funding by the
European Commission. CORE Organic Plus consists of 24 partners from 21 countries/regions.
call launch by early December  2013


Abruzzo PAR-FAS 2007-2013-Measure I.2.2.a Improving access to credit for SMEs



Puglia Rural Development Programme (RDP) Measure 331 - Education and information 23/12/2013


EU Member States
Countries participating in the COSME programme under Article 6 of the COSME Regulation

Developing a tourism offer based on sport or wellness activities which are related to one of the following types of tourism: coastal or maritime or mountain or rural tourism. At least two partners in the project consortium must be SMEs  7/10/2013



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