Launching the Greek Agrofood innovation center in Ioannina

Under the framework of the IPATECH project, the partner BIC of Epirus established an in-house Agrofood Innovation Centre (I.C) with the key mission to foster development and competitiveness of the Agrofood Sector SMEs of the Region of Epirus through the provision of innovation-related services.  

The I.C will act as a pilot in-house structure, by the Business Innovation Center of EPIRUS (BIC of Epirus), at its headquarters at Science & Technology Park in Ioannina city.

More specifically, the I.C will act as technology intermediary, information point and networking enhancer, in order to promote innovation process and develop competencies via applied research. The I.C will develop matching mechanisms and filters in order to create in the long term synergies between all stakeholders for increasing the potential of establishing clusters and active networks in agrofood sector and agrofood related services.

BIC of Epirus will proliferate by its experience gained and existing network highly correlated with the Innovation Center’s activities area, covering training, counselling, information services, demonstration services, all focused on the growth of knowledge and competences of local end beneficiaries.

More specifically, the Center will offer four main categories of services: 

  • Technology Transfer & Intermediation: A set of innovative services aiming to facilitate technology transfer on research and innovation on agrofood sector and bridge the gap between research results and innovation of local and regional agri-businesses.
  • Capacity Building: A set of services aiming to facilitate the skills and awareness of agri-businesses, entrepreneurs and farmers on agrofood innovation and entrepreneurship and enhance networking with other stakeholders in the sector.
  • Information Point: A set of online support services providing access and information supporting entrepreneurship and the economic development as well as opportunities for growth.

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