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Miniaturization technology - A mobile cold pressing olive oil machine.
Auleda in collaboration with the regional Directory of Agriculture and Food in Vlora and the Municipality of Orikum has organized “The new innovative miniaturization technology for the production of olive oil”. The Italian firm Oliva Service has done a demonstration in Orikum.

The OLIVA SERVICE company operates in Italy (Puglia region) specialized for olive oil machines but also for wine, wheat, pomegranate, beers machines, etc.
Last year the company has created for the Italian farmers a real innovation for pressing their olives directly at home: a mobile olive grinding machine which works directly on the land, under the olive trees.
VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/user/meddegustatio#p/c/D475FD808825BD85/2/fT4Z4C5CaY
It is a mobile cold pressing olive oil machine (with a capacity of 200 kg olives per hour) which can be rented for trial demonstrations. The mobile olive cold pressing machine will travel in all the Albanian cities to produce live the best extra virgin olive oil.
The mobile cold pressing olive oil machines work completely cold pressing and give a very high quality of extra-virgin oil and a good yield.
The machines have the following new features:
1.    Cold pressing; extract the oil at a temperature lower than 27 degrees
2.    Elimination of the final separator. The oil exits already cleaned without the need for another expensive machine
3.    Removal of vegetation waters. The technology of two-phases extraction obtain oil and olive pomade. So it has been eliminated the problem of the wastewaters disposal
4.    Disposal of residues: the residue obtained can be used as fertilizer or for extracting, with a special machine, the cores of olives for heating stoves
5.    Great quality of extra virgin olive oil: our plants permit you to obtain a superior quality of the olive oil full of antioxidants.
Albanian farmers have showed a high interest for this machine. During this event, local farmers, olive oil producers and local authorities have participated. They directly saw this technological innovation , they appreciated the processing time, the quality of olive oil and processing facilities.
Given that many Albanian farmers have plots of olive away from populated centers, olive oil producers were interested to have such technology. Auleda will play the role of moderator for all those who are interested to have this technology.

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