AZRRI Agency for Rural Development of Istria Region Ltd Pazin

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Brief description
AZRRI-Agency for Rural development of Istria ltd Pazin is founded by the Istria County for the purpose of the joining public and private sector, and for preparing and implementation projects into a rural area. AZRRI is a first agency of this kind in Croatia, with a specific purpose to coordinate production-wise activities into rural areas of Istrian County. The purpose of Agency for rural development of Istria Ltd. Pazin is a initiating of management and development programs into of rural areas of Istria.

Areas of activities include agriculture, hunting, forestry, fishing, managing of a management and development programs, researching and development, promotion of Istrian County, and education of agriculturalists. The Agency is also developing a strategy program for a development of rural areas of Istrian County (200-2013), and participates in international cooperation programs.

Brief description of the territory


LOCATION The Istrian Region includes a large part of Istria—the largest Adriatic peninsula. The most extreme west point of the Republic of Croatia is in the Istrian Region (Bašanija, promontory Lako) at the 45° of the northern latitude.
The Istrian peninsula covers the surface of 3.476 square kilometres. The area is shared by three countries: Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy. A very small part of Istria, merely the northern part of the Miljski peninsula, belongs to the Republic of Italy. Slovenian coastline with the Kopar Bay and a part of the Piran Bay up to the mouth of the Dragonja River is a part of the Republic of Slovenia. The largest part, or 3.130 square kilometres (90% of the surface), belongs to the Republic of Croatia. Most of the Croatian part of the peninsula is situated in the Istrian Region – 2.820 square kilometres, which is 4,98 per cent of the entire surface of the Republic of Croatia. The remaining part belongs to the Primorsko-Goranska Region based on the administrative and territorial subdivision.

Agriculture - especially the growing of olives and production of high quality olive oil and wine production of excellent wines, the production of early vegetable crops livestock breeding, poultry farming, fisheries to mariculture have a long tradition in the territory. The very good existing resources (agricultural land, favorable climate) on the one hand, and the tourism sector as a potentially important market for high-quality (traditional, recognizable, "ecological“grown) products, on the other hand give a good perspective for further successful development of agriculture and fisheries and their supporting activities as important elements of sustainable development in the area.

The current agrarian structure is very unfavorable for the development of modern intensive and specialized agricultural production and is the main obstacle for the achievement of competitive agricultural production at EU level. The relatively positive fact is that the greater part (about 72%) of the total 169,000 ha of agricultural land (arable land and pastures) is privately owned, and a smaller part (28%) is owned by the state. However, the sizes of the parcels are very small and disperse.

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