E.C. Business & Innovation Center of Epirus - BIC

Science & Technology Park of Epirus, University Campus, GR 45110, Ioannina, Greece
Mrs. Vasiliki Paroutiadou, Assistant Coordinator
Tel. +30 265 10 44 447
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Mrs. Katerina Filippou, Local Coordinator, Managing Director
Tel. +30 265 10 44 447
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Brief description
BIC of Epirus was founded at the end of 1996. Its funding, for the first 18 months, was partially (50%) through E.U. and 50% through Local Partners. Since then BIC of Epirus is a self funded non-profit organization that ensures its viability by implementing innovative actions that contribute to regional development.

The aim of Centre is: “The promotion of activities regarding a Development Centre for Innovative Enterprises, at no expense”(art.3, parag.1, pag.4 according to founding statute). This aim is achieved through the provision of innovative services to local enterprises and bodies as well.
BIC’s actions focus on:

  • Information, awareness and support of potential or existed enterprises,
  • Cooperation among bodies,
  • Support of Entrepreneurship through European - National projects and  Initiatives

Provided Services:

  • Research Policy planning, and Innovation on Regional, National & European Level
  • Planning and Administration of Local and Regional Development.
  • Submission, Administration, Coordination and Implementation of National, and European Projects
  • Strategic and Business Planning, Development of Business Plan - Marketing Plan.
  • Counseling for the new Innovative Enterprises.
  • Strategy of communication and implementation of publicity actions.

Brief description of the territory
Epirus, like the region as a whole, is rugged and mountainous. Around 350,000 people live in Epirus. Epirus has few resources and its rugged terrain makes agriculture difficult. Sheep and goat pastoralism have always been an important activity in the region (Epirus provides more than 45% of meat to the Greek market) but there seems to be a decline in recent years. Tobacco is grown around Ioannina, and there is also some farming and fishing, but most of the area's food must be imported from more fertile regions of Greece. Epirus is home to a number of the country's most famous dairy products' brands, which produce feta cheese among others. An important area of the economy is also tourism, especially eco-tourism. The natural beauty of the area, as well as the picturesque villages, has made Epirus a strong tourist attraction.

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